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Data and analytics

The role of the forensic-data expert

We examine the role of the forensic-data expert, the skills and experience required for the job, how to get into the specialism and where it can take you in your career.  

Articles29 June 2020

Digital transformation

Meaningful work for the digital professional

By embracing the potential of technology, finance professionals will create new types of work and be driven by a sense of purpose, with new possibilities for meaningful work that will outlast the economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Webinars28 June 2020

Cyber security: the role of finance leaders

Data and analytics

Analytics leadership will reinforce finance's strategic role

Analytics will drive better decision-making and improved business performance, and the finance function can take the lead in making it all happen.  

Articles28 June 2020

Blockchain and crypto currencies

Blockchain the database solution of choice in the Covid healthcare toolkit

The data protection issues raised by governments’ Covid-19 control initiatives have made the benefits of blockchain clearer than ever, as Georgina Kyriakoudes explains.  

Articles28 June 2020

Technology and the data landscape

Digital transformation

Accountants can help steer SMEs towards tech take-up

Many SMEs have been slow to embrace new technology. Warda Hassan Ahmed FCCA offers tips on how professional accountants can drive this change forward.  

Articles28 June 2020

Digital in practice

How to transform your business to a cognitive enterprise – and capture the benefits

In the latest in our series of articles that go back to fundamental principles, Lutamyo Mtawali FCCA offers tips for becoming a cognitive enterprise.  

Articles28 June 2020