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Digital transformation

CPD October - 1 month, daily opportunities

We know how important your learning is to you. The events of this year have been unexpected, and we appreciate it's been hard to stay on track with your development goals. That's why we're launching CPD October, a month dedicated to bringing you the best of our development resources, and supporting you to complete your CPD declaration.

CPD Courses5 October 2020

Data and analytics

Business Data Insights Playbook

Done right, collecting and analysing business data offers all manner of insights into how a business is performing – and ideas for improving it. Here’s how to get started.

Articles24 September 2020

Data and analytics

Analytics in Finance and Accountancy

Less than half of the finance and accountancy professionals surveyed indicated that they were using forward looking insights, but at a time when an agile response to changing customer demands is paramount, is there a danger that this is a missed opportunity?

Insight Reports24 September 2020

Digital transformation

Digital virtual conference

Join ACCA’s digital virtual conference on 16 September - working together, thinking digital, focusing on recovery.

Webinars16 September 2020

Digital transformation

Preparing your company and your teams to excel digitally

Covid-19 has accelerated the existing trend for remote working and the number already transitioning to a greater or lesser degree is likely to be at least 40%. In this webinar, delivered by Learnsignal, we will look at some of the technology and employee engagement tools to support your teams to effectively and efficiently work from home.

Webinars27 August 2020

Digital transformation

Digitisation and the global pandemic

The role of the profession is critical when looking at the road to recovery; and digital technology is a very important component of the path ahead. This report draws on first-hand accounts from professionals around the world, and explores ACCA’s framework for recovery.

Insight Reports10 August 2020

Digital transformation

ACCA FinTech Track

The FinTech track, with content produced by ACCA, is designed to set you on the right track to broaden your technological knowledge. Get three online courses in machine learning, robotics and cyber security, plus bonus content in the format of podcasts, videos and webinars.

CPD Courses22 July 2020