Digital transformation of finance leaders

20 May 2019

Join ACCA China for our live CPD skills webinar with Sean Feng member of the Professional Expert Forum

20 May 2019

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Sean will discuss how a business should respond to disruptive innovation from digitalization in terms of market and customers as well as challenges to existing business model. Digital transformation is more than bits and bytes.This webinar will cover digital transformation impacts to professional accountant as individuals.

Key features

By attending, you will learn:

  • acceleration of technological advancement is the driving force 
  • growing competition pressure & needs for productivity
  • improvement call for digital transformation
  • definition of digital transformation: creating new business models where digital meets physical
  • strategies to assist digital transformation (from company perspective) 
  • reshaping customer value proposition
  • young customer generation becomes SoMoClo (social/mobile/cloud)
  • needs to re-define customer value proposition 
  • reshaping operating model
  • ways of marketing: social media becomes primary source of information for young generation buyers
  • ways of ownership: from buying a car to renting/leasing/co-owning
  • definition of ACCA new capability framework
  • professional quotients expand to new areas in digital age (VQ &DQ) 
  • VQ and DQ in real life examples.


Prior to his current post at Continental, Sean Feng spent three years working as an regional analyst at China Treasury Function in Intel Corporation and started his career as a management trainee at China CITIC Bank.

Mr Feng joined Continental (Ex-Siemens VDO) in late 2007, and managed to set up the treasury and credit management function and gradually expanded his service scope to cover Asia Pacific as regional treasurer. Since 2010, his team has been transformed from traditional corporate treasury into business treasury. He has delivered three strategic country level projects like working capital reduction, macro economy impact and operational excellence. Mr Feng was then appointed as the finance director in 2014 for whole finance, controlling, Law & IT Asia focusing on strategy, analysis and special projects.

Sean has now taken up the BU controller role for BU Infotainment & Connectivity and Intelligent Transportation System as well as division controller for Interior China.  


Digital transformation

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