Data and analytics

Explore more about data analytics. Find out how our profession is changing and why accountants should be at the forefront of this change.

Data and analytics

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Data and analytics

Business Data Insights Playbook

Done right, collecting and analysing business data offers all manner of insights into how a business is performing – and ideas for improving it. Here’s how to get started.

Articles24 September 2020

Data and analytics

The role of the forensic-data expert

We examine the role of the forensic-data expert, the skills and experience required for the job, how to get into the specialism and where it can take you in your career.  

Articles29 June 2020

Cyber security: the role of finance leaders

Data and analytics

Analytics leadership will reinforce finance's strategic role

Analytics will drive better decision-making and improved business performance, and the finance function can take the lead in making it all happen.  

Articles28 June 2020

Data and analytics

New data analytics unit keeps ACCA ahead of digital curve

A data analytics unit is being added to ACCA’s Ethics and Professional Skills module to help members stay ahead of the curve. Judith Bennett explains

Articles1 April 2019