The digital accountant: digital skills in a transformed world

Insight Reports, 11 May 2020

digital skills in a transformed world

In Summary

As accountancy and finance professionals, we need to embrace the digital shift and recognise that technology is constantly moving forward.

Organisations are no longer questioning whether to digitalise and are instead focusing on how fast they embrace the opportunities and remain relevant to their customers. The traditional digital tools, with which we have long been associated, are being eclipsed by new technologies which are drawing on various data sources and virtually representing data using ML to forecast trends.

This report considers the implications of the digital quotient, which was one of seven quotients identified by ACCA in 2016 to represent the skills that accountancy and finance professionals need to develop to ensure that they remain relevant. Insights within The digital accountant: digital skills in a transformed world are based upon interviews and round tables conducted with ACCA members and other interested parties, as well as the results of a survey of 4,264 accountancy and finance professionals globally, including members, affiliates and students.


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