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Cyber Security programme

21 May 2019


Learn how and why hackers threaten the security of organisations and individuals, and how both can defend themselves against attack. The topics featured in the programme have different activities in which you put yourself in the role of an attacker or a defender. The programme features ten 5 minute modules, using real world examples, interactive scenarios and Collectible Cards.


The topics in this programme are:

  • How do you hack?
  • What are the main types of cyber attack?
  • What are the common tools hackers use?
  • How can hackers use social engineering?
  • How can organisations protect against cyber attacks?
  • How can organisations test their defences?
  • How can cyber attacks be detected?
  • How can organisations respond to a cyber attack?
  • Who are the cyber threat actors?
  • What motivates a hacker?

If you are outside of the UK/Europe please could you register your interest in this course on the KPMG website (follow the link to ‘book online’).


Key areas covered:

  • common tools and types of attack
  • threat factors
  • social engineering
  • responding to attacks/threats.


Cyber security

Cyber security strategy