CPD Courses

Cyber security strategy

1 July 2019

Course overview

Developing a risk management strategy to manage cyber security is essential for any organisation, and isn't a matter purely for the IT department. Many risks arise from badly managed employees and flawed business processes, rather than digital technology. This is why an understanding of cyber risk is essential for non-technical managers.

On completion of this course, you will gain an understanding of:

  • where cyber risks arise and who can be responsible for them
  • the different cyber-security strategies and how to implement them for employees throughout your organisation
  • how to respond and recover after a cyber-security incident has happened
  • how to manage cyber risks that are outside the responsibility of the IT department.

This course has been revised and is up to date for 2017-18.


Key information:

  • learn at your own pace
  • help meet your annual CPD requirements
  • develop your own learning needs
  • iPad/Android compatible