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20 May 2019

Join ACCA UK for our global CPD skills webinar with Jimmy Greer, Senior Manager, business focus, ACCA

20 May 2019

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Financial Technology (FinTech) is here - sweeping through finance and, if some are to be believed, threatening traditional edifices that have stood for centuries.

What are the main trends and driving forces shaping FinTech today? This webinar explores the features of this new landscape, highlighting the many ways in which this revolution is taking place.

For professional accountants, this new terrain will provide many opportunities as it permeates deeper and deeper into the fabric of society. 

From the promise of blockchain, to the demands of valuation in a digital era, finance more than ever needs an experienced, knowledgeable guide to make the most of the opportunities ahead.

Key features

By attending, you will learn how:

  • FinTech start-ups are spanning the spectrum of financial services
  • new banks are emerging to challenge large players
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are having an impact
  • regulation is evolving to meet challenges
  • professional accountants can adapt to proactively engage with this new terrain.


Jimmy Greer, senior manager - business focus, ACCA

Jimmy is a researcher, writer and strategist working in the Professional Insights team at ACCA on global economy and sustainability issues after five years running his own 'thinking and doing' practice i-see global. 

The Professional Insights team’s portfolio covers a range of topics that is dynamically guided by the pace of change in the global economy and its impact on the profession. The team works on topics that includes among others, sustainability, public sector, economics, financial services and the identification of future trends affecting the profession and business

He is the co-author of the research project 'How to Fix the World'; founding partner of the TED City Prize winning Wikihouse:/ Rio and advisory board member of the Rio-based University of Correria startup school. He holds an MSc. in Globalisation & Latin American Development and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and French.


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